The President Kennedy Assassination
Friday, November 22, 1963

6° - "Origin of the Frontal Head Shot"

Most supporters of the plot are convinced that the fatal head shot was fired from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll. I have never agreed with this hypothesis because a bullet fired from any place of this picket fence would have exited the left side of JFK's head, and not the right rear.

"The Moorman Photo"

In this photograph taken from the side of Elm Street at the moment of the fatal head shot, one can note that the different shot angles between the two red lines do not agree with an exit hole in the right rear area of JFK's head. The only possible location which can explain that the right rear of JFK's head was blown off by a frontal shot is the parking lot located in the south end of Dealey Plaza, that I shall name the south parking lot. 

 "Fatal Head Shot from South Parking Lot"

This time, the red line shows the trajectory of the fatal head shot fired from the south parking lot and the downward angle of about 7 degrees of this shot which is totally consistent with this location.

As for the angle on the horizontal plan, I have calculated it near 20 degrees relative to the right-hand side of the limo, placing thereby the shooter responsible for the fatal head shot on the left side of the south parking lot, near the Triple Underpass.

"Fatal Head Shot - Shooter's Location"

I have also calculated that the elevation of this location is sufficient to shoot over the limo windshield at Z-frame 313 while the President was an easy target because he was directly facing the south parking lot. Furthermore, I think that this shooter was hidden in the back of a pickup truck or a van, and thus slightly raised from the ground.

In the following limo drawing, I marked the position of the Connallys, Jackie Kennedy and JFK. One can thus note that neither the Connallys, nor Jackie Kennedy were obstacles to a shot originating from the south parking lot.

As convinving proof, I shall add that James M. Chaney the first motorcycle cop riding to the right rear of the limo, said that he was spattered with JFK's blood on the left shoulder.

To summarize: before the fatal head shot, the limo is always driving very slowly. At Z-frame 313 the distance between JFK and the south parking lot sniper is 290 feet, which is nothing for a good shooter. Indeed, this shooter does not miss the President. The bullet hits JFK in the top of his right temple, explodes the right rear part of hiss skull, projects blood on the first motorcycle cop riding to the right rear of the limo and brain matter on the limo trunk and the first motorcycle cop riding to the left rear of the limo because of the fact that JFK's head is violently thrown backwards and to the left.

For a better understanding, I shall add that the movement of JFK's head can be compared to the one of a pool ball which goes diagonally backwards and to the right when you strike it on the left edge.

Statement of Robert "Tosh" Plumlee:

Robert "Tosh" Plumlee stated that he had the impression of four or five rifle shots, with one being from behind and to his left as he stood below the south parking lot with a friend of him. While both men were leaving via the south side of the triple underpass near the train tracks, they smelled gunpowder from this location where I place the one who fired the fatal head shot.

Finally, concerning the downward movement of JFK's head that one can note between Z-frames 312 and 313 I maintain that it is too minor for being the result of a shot fired from the eastern window of the TSBD 6th floor, as the supporters of the official thesis claim it. Note that this movement is so tiny that it is only visible in slow motion.

"Animation of Z-frames 312 & 313"

For me, this movement is due to the downward trajectory of the shot from this spot and the position of JFK's head which was turned to the south parking lot and directly in line with the shooter.

The bullet slightly lowers JFK's head because this one is tilted downward and throws it backwards to the left because this bullet strikes the top of his right temple. Note that this downward movement of about two inches is restricted to JFK's head while his torso is thrown backwards from Z-frame 313.

As for the blow out of JFK's right temple, it has to know that a bullet striking a head is violently slowed by the skull and the density of the brain. This rapid deceleration transfers a strong kinetic energy to the surrounding tissue moving in all directions. That is why the low part of the parietal bone of JFK's skull moved at right angle from the bullet entry, located above the right eye of JFK and just beneath the hairline. That is also why a rear shot would have caused more damage in the top of JFK's skull than just a bullet hole, as the official thesis claims it.

"JFK's Head Wound Drawing"

In my view, this pictorial representation describing JFK's head wound due to a frontal shot perfectly agrees with the Zapruder Frames and Dr. McClelland's drawing. The axis of this wound clearly shows that the starting point of the frontal head shot was the south parking lot, and not the grassy knoll.

Furthermore, only a frontal shot having this axis could generate a projection cone of brain matter going from the first motorcycle cop riding to the right rear of the limo to the first motorcycle cop riding to the left rear, and projected a portion of JFK's brain on the limo trunk.

After having posted my website in December 2009, I heard that Sherry Fiester has always thought that the fatal head shot was fired from the south end of Dealey Plaza. At that time, we were two who supported this point of view which is now shared by more and more people. 

On this subject, I suggest reading the book written by Sherry Fiester Enemy of the Truth that you can order on her site ( or Amazon. By using the most recent forensic studies and trajectory reconstruction techniques, Sherry Fiester debunks the myths that still surround JFK's assassination and conclusively invalidates the Single Bullet Theory.